Saturday, November 28, 2009

Twenty Weeks of Training Begins

I have embarked on another round of intense training and this one I expect to be more trying and challenging than previous efforts. Twenty weeks of building technique and speed in three different disciplines ~ swimming, biking, and running. The past few weeks I have been on a bit of a hiatus in mental preparation for what I expect to be quite an undertaking. Over the next few months I hope to complete at least one half marathon, continue to face down my fear of open water, and improve my speed and endurance in cycling. I'll need to learn to swim in a wetsuit, run a long distance without my music, and condition my butt for long distance rides on my bike.

I hope to be able to relay through my journaling more than just the day-to-day training that will go into my half-Ironman experience, but also the things that inspire me...the people, the stories, and the research that goes into making me a better athlete.

I hope that when I'm a "senior" having just won my age group in the full Ironman competition, that I can look back at this blog and laugh at how it all began. In the meantime, I hope I can bring a few laughs to anyone who is interested enough in me or in triathlons, to follow along with me. Welcome!


  1. The Coug has begun her adventure. I am so excited for you and glad to be a part of your journey. You Geaux Girl!!

  2. I'm so impressed and proud of you! go girl go!

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  4. WOO HOO to you, Janie! We're all with you every stroke, pedal,, and step of the way! You can do it! Your buddy......Dr. Liz

    PS: Still trying to figure out this techno stuff, you know!

  5. Looking forward to following your adventure. Your fan always.