Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week Seventeen: "I'm just going out on a test run...and test bike...and test swim..."

The nerves are really starting to kick in now. Just thinking about it is making me take frequent trips to the bathroom. It's creeping into my dreams. It hits me when I first wake up and before I fall asleep. My stomach is flip-flopping. My head is aching. Sometimes I think I might puke. Three weeks out. Am I ready?

One might think with all the recovery I've been given this week that I would be rested and calm. I think it's had the opposite effect. Dropping from 16 hours of training down to 6 hours this week has left me chomping at the bit. I feel anxious and scattered. I just want to get back to something I know. I just want to train hard. I want to feel more prepared. I want to feel over prepared. I want the open water dreams to go away.

This week was recovery week. To summarize, I had one final round of testing and was able to see some improvements in my times which was encouraging. I caught the wave of excitement as I watched the new Rocketchix trainees (ie Sputniks) participate in their first training race. I finished the final week of an awesome strength and conditioning class, "Unleashing Your Inner Athlete", where I have had the opportunity to play with my FitBird teammates in a variety of unusual ways over the past 10 weeks. I have been experimenting with my nutrition, sleep patterns, and hydration, in a final effort to work the kinks out. I have made a few last minute gear changes and equipment additions and am currently waiting on my new aerobars to arrive to add onto my bike.

I tested in one last bike time trial before my big race and dropped my bike time down to 33:29 for a 10.75 distance, averaging a 19mph pace. That is almost three minutes faster than when I first tested back in December. And finally, FINALLY, I was able to pull in front of my pal Lizzard and hold on for the victory. She made me earn every pedal stroke but the glory is finally MINE! (I won't focus on the fact that she was only about 2 seconds behind me).

Another positive of the week - I managed to hold just over a 9 minute pace for a 5K race, a new PR for me, completing the run in 27:43. I have been told I have to rethink my "lofty" time goals that I set a week ago for next season as I have practically already met them. Ok Coach. New goal: To run that 5K and 10K distance with an 8 minute pace by this time next year. How's that for lofty??

And now the final update. The test drive of the wetsuit. As I am writing this, it has not happened yet. It is scheduled for this afternoon at False River. I thought this would be mildly anxiety producing, but I am a bag of nerves right now. I am trying to block out the negative thoughts, the negative energy, and the fear. I am hoping that I will have a fantastic experience. I am visualizing being able to float with my added bouyancy. I am trying to focus on staying calm, breathing, and not letting any external factors (ie wind, cold, choppy water, murkiness) bother me. I am reviewing my mantras. I am praying that when I get home today and finish writing this week's update that I will be able to report success and a good experience. I need a good experience. This is my biggest obstacle. This is my make or break. I have got to overcome this. I will overcome this. Please let that happen today Lord.

To Be Continued...

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  1. You can do it, Janie!! I am enjoying living vicariously through you by reading your blog. I remember feeling the same way this time last year. Once you get there and the adrenaline starts pumping, all your fears and concerns fade away and the finish line is the only option! Go kick some butt!!!