Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life on a Sandbar

I can count the times on my fingers that I would consider so memorable in one way or another that they would make it to the list of My Greatest Life Memories. This list contains big items like my marriage, adopting the twins, witnessing the birth of my daughter, and reuniting with my birth-parents ~ but it also contains other special moments in my life like a trip to St. Marteen with some college buddies, and highschool antics with my friend Fae. I am adding to my list today. Officially I have to say that this past weekend's trip to Santa Rosa Island was one of the best times of my life and I am going to tell you why:

A combination of factors created the perfect blend for an awesome trip. The weather was pleasantly cool crisp and sunny. Add to that the most beautiful white sugar beaches, calm crystal clear water, and tropical scenery dotted with palms and sea oats and you have yourself a picture perfect postcard for a triathlon vacation weekend. Throw in a great group of women, add some of the funniest people you know, toss in a dash or two of alcohol and the after-effects of an awesome end of season triathlon, and it is inevitable. You will have the time of your life.

It's been a long triathlon season for me. I started this training a year ago April and really have not taken much time off from training since then. I've had many ups and downs with my races over this past spring and summer. I've failed and I've persevered. I've set Personal Records and I've embarrassed myself by some of my performances. I've struggled trying to swim, and finally I have completed a swim in a race in open water that I am proud of. I've come a long way.

It's been a long year in general for me. I've recently changed jobs, the kids are back in school, and there is the stress of daily life that hovers over my head. I don't know what I want out of life and I am still searching for the answers. I enjoy what I do, but am not fulfilled by it anymore. I am still on a quest to find how to balance the needs in my life with the needs of those around me. I admit that I truly believe I am in what some would call a full-blown mid-life crisis. I prefer to think of it as making sure I have no regrets when I hit my golden years. Life is short. Too short. I hope to fill mine with as much joy, adventure, action, and laughs as I can before I can't.

I was going to write an enthralling race report about my best race ever, but I'm not. I was going to give a play-by-play of the events of the Fitbirds at their end of the season blow out weekend, but I'm not. I am going to say that I am grateful for the group of friends that I have that allow me to be me without judgment. I am grateful for the support of the women I train with as I completed my last race of the season and met my goal of doing it with a smile on my face. I am grateful for all of the belly-laughs and the stress relief that I felt over those four days. I'm grateful for the stories that I can recant with those who were a part of them when we reminisce about old times years from now. I am grateful for being able to break out of my box for a while and play unhindered by the real world. There is always time to be serious and burdened in life, but not much time to truly break free of it.

So, to those who were there ~ Thank you. Thank you for letting me have one of the best times of my life.


  1. What an awesome weekend! So glad to have shared the memories with you, Coug!!

  2. You have so perfectly put into words my thoughts about this weekend. I am still feeling the glow! Yes, a totally memorable and awesome experience!! Thank you Coug, for sharing your experiences and feelings, your spirit, and for being part of one of the best times of my life!

  3. Awesome! So happy that you conquered your open water swim--what an inspiration you are.

  4. Here to many more years of belly laughs to come. Thanks for sharing them with me!