Sunday, November 21, 2010

Back on The Wagon...

I've been a bit lazy these past few weeks with my blogging. Seems the end of my off-season has impacted all of my life by maximizing any and all spare time for "other" things. I have been trying to do as little as possible that is triathlon related in hopes to clear my mind, refuel my fire, and rest and rejuvenate my body. I have been trying to stay mildly active with adventure racing, mountain biking, and running. I haven't been in the pool in a long time. I haven't woken up early on a regular basis in an even longer time. All that's about to end.

Welcome NOLA 70.3 training November 29th, 2010. Time to fit in one last major holiday food fest, one more quick trip to the beach, and a few more lazy mornings. And's over. Back to a focused effort to destroy the race I struggled through last year. I am ready to give it all I've got. Come on NOLA!

But for now let me enjoy my last week...

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