Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week Twelve: Fitbirds Go To Tampa...

What an awesome week! Training camp was an absolute blast as well as an absolute challenge! I was taken to my breaking point and was faced with some mental challenges, and although I may have failed at some, I learned in the process. There are still so many mental obstacles that throw me and that I have not yet figured out how to overcome. If I don't learn to control my emotions when I am tired and hurting I will be faced with some serious consequences come race day. I think that the mental aspect is still my biggest hurdle.

There were many awesome photo opportunities in Tampa and I was disappointed that as team photographer I was not able to shoot as many pictures as I would have liked, but Coach seemed to think training was more important than art, so I spent more time in the pool, on the bike, and in my running shoes than behind the lens. We have big plans for some of the great shots that we got, so for now I will just post a taste.

Baton Rouge Crew (Freebird, Ellen, Coug, Flubird, Dr. Roboto, Coach)
Coach Canada and her morning fix
4650 yard morning swim
Dr. Roboto helping Coug on her sufferfest to the finish

Freebird on her long brick
Fitbirds Pre-Run
Fitbird Crew Post-Pasta
I decided that training camp warranted a different approach to a post so this week will be in the form of a Fitbird Cartoon! Please go to my LeCougre Channel on You Tube and subscribe as this will soon be where any future Fitbird movies or cartoons will be stored!

I didn't have much time for leisure photography, but these are a few of some shots that were taken that I thought were pretty cool!

Spent CO2/Tire Changing Clinic
Dr. Roboto doing her All The Single Ladies impersonation

Santa Rosa Camp will be coming up towards the end of the summer, probably in early to mid August. Mark your calendars NOW!


  1. I can't wait! Beautiful shots, Coug. And excellent training campwear, Anne!

  2. Thanks for the honorable mention as FluBird. I had to come back for another reading because I couldn't remember the sequence of events. I won't miss the next camp.