Monday, November 21, 2011

Desperately Searching for Mo...

He's gone. I've been looking everywhere. I'm about to put an ad in the lost and found section of The Advocate. I've seen glimpses of Mo, but as soon as I reach out to catch him he flies away, brushing the tips of my fingers just long enough to remind me how good it is to have him with me. It is making me really sad that I can't get him back and I don't know what to do about it. I have about one month before he absolutely has to be contained and in my possession or I fear that I may never see him again.

I've been searching all over. I've ridden through the woods with my mountain bike, I've run to the top of a "mountain", I've swum in a familiar river thinking he may have returned there to roost. I've tried to borrow other people's Mo but it's just not the same as having my own.

I've been reading the internet for tips on getting him back. It's not helping. Instead, I find I throw myself into bowls of ice cream,  frozen mugs of Michelob Ultra, and bags of salt n vinegar chips to cope with his absence. I talk to a counselor, I take anti-depressants, I pray, but yet he won't come back.

I've made big plans for 2012 and I won't be able to achieve them without his help. I really really want him along this coming year.

Please, can someone help me to find my Mo? There will be a huge reward to the one who does.

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