Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Different Perspective

This weekend I volunteered as swim support for River Roux, a 70.3 triathlon in New Roades. I have to admit, the irony did not pass me by. To think that I was now an official safety person in open water was kinda hysterical to me...considering my history with open water anxiety and not knowing how to swim.  Things have changed in the past four years. I have to admit I truly enjoyed being on the water in a kayak and watching the swim portion of the race unfold close up. I had a whole new perspective on what I must have, and what I currently must look like swimming. I was able to observe what a strong swimmer looks like, and what a weak swimmer looks like. I saw some people swimming, but literally not moving... or moving backwards due to an inefficient kick. I saw breast-strokers and bobbers. I saw the fast swimmers move effortlessly with a strong stroke and kick. I saw the weaker swimmers fight the water and struggle to progress forward. I watched what happens when you don't sight ~  the waste of valuable time and energy trying to get back on course over and over again.

Volunteering in these races is not only a way to give back to the sport but also a way to learn from it. I learned a ton in the changing tent in Florida that I plan to incorporate into my own racing. This weekend the things I have been taught by my Coach were reinforced by the racers.

Moral of the story? Volunteer! And when you do...take time to observe those around you and be willing to learn from them.

Training Diary:

It feels good to feel alive again. To feel sore. To gasp for air because I'm running hard, not because life is drowning me. This was my first week back on a training program in a very long time and it felt good.  I've been able to keep a good balance of family and work and still get my workouts done. I am easing back into a routine as it has been so long I think my body would rebel if it came at me too fast and hard.

In my free time I've spent quality time with the kids, cleaned the house, and even made some meals. When I do train it feels good, even the soreness after. I'm having fun with exercise again and am enjoying the companionship of my peers when they are included in my program. 

I cleaned out my closet today and boxed up my skinny clothes for the spring. I am eager to watch my body transform back into what I remember it being. 

Thank you to all who have patiently stayed by my side this past year. I am so happy to be back amongst the living.

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