Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Demise of Year 2010

The End of 2010

Seven months is too long to continue this year
More travesty, illness, and death I would fear
I've witnessed it all
From me, Anne, and Call
The suffering of those who are dear

Brain tumors and illnesses paved a strong way
For all sorts of evil to dig in and stay
Suffering each pest
To face the next test
Was how we got through every day

Just when we think "surely its through"
Our friend and our coach turns purple and blue
Another friend dies
The first friend cries
Score another, now hand me a brew

So I put down my foot and refuse to give in
I rebuke and will tantrum to not let you win
Year 10 go away
You're not welcome to stay
Soon a new 2010 will begin


  1. Bravo! You guys have definitely had your share of despair this year. And I thought bad things only came in 3's...huh. Here's to 2010 1/2 (2010.5? 2010 v2?)...Let's show it who's boss, ladies!

  2. You said it! I'm SO over 2010!