Sunday, May 2, 2010

Putting Another Brick in the Wall

New Orleans is starting to seem light years behind me and I am putting my focus and attention on the races and training ahead of me for the summer. So far I am planning on another few sprint triathlons, an olympic distance, and well...we will see if another announcement is imminent before the summer is through.

I have really felt strong this week with my training. I have decided a lot of the reason for that is that when you compare what you are doing with the hardest thing you have ever done, suddenly it seems easy(er). As tough as this week has been with long fast swims, crazy bricks, and long runs it has been....awesome. Yes, I have actually enjoyed the sufferfest this week. I continue to learn what my weak areas are and I am plugging away at fixing them. Every training session I think about that race day and how it could have been better, and what in my training it will take to make it time. Hmmmm.

This weekend Lizzard and I had a good taste of brick work, an area that I usually hate but need badly. We spent close to three hours Saturday biking and running, running and biking, rinse and repeat over and over again. It was tough but satisfying to know we survived it. Some better than others...

Today we ended the week with a long run in the misty morning fog around the lakes. It was hot, humid, and we squeezed a quart of water out of our clothes when it was over, but again in a sick kind of way it felt good. What has happened to me??

This coming weekend I take the plunge back into the open water as I have signed up for LA Tri at False River ~ my old rival and nemesis. I am planning on attacking and destroying this enemy of mine once and for all. I am tired of the battle.


  1. You really earned the GOLD (bond that is!) this week with training. You had a break through and achieved a new level of fitness and self confidence. I'm so proud to train with you. You inspire me and make me stronger. Can't wait to see you speak some Cougar truth to False River.

  2. Nice photo of the Sweat Fest after effects. Canadian Queen of Exertion knows how to put the hurt on.