Sunday, April 25, 2010

RocketChix Redemption!

FitBirds and Sputniks

So a week has passed since the New Orleans Half-Ironman. I have had time to contemplate my race and lick my wounds. It has not been easy to think back on all of the things I "wished" I had done, but was not able to execute. I am still pleased with my ability to persevere with the swim (if you can call it that), but I am bummed that I couldn't pull it together to finish in the style I desired. Having said that, it is over and I can't go back, so this will be my last time mentioning it. The question now is where do I go from here? I am still chewing on my options and discussing my future race plans with my coach, but I think it is just a matter of time before I bite off another piece of the ironman and give it another go. I can't go through the rest of my life with a half-done half-ironman. It's not officially been checked off my bucket list, and I still haven't earned my peanut butter shake (long story).

I was kind of sad this week as I didn't really accomplish any of my race goals in New Orleans, other than the goal of pure survival. When you work so hard for so long training, it is a bit depressing to think that nothing really came of it all. Today I got some redemption. In the second race of the season, I met my pre-season "lofty" goal of placing in my age group. I finally got a taste of success, and although the race was quite a bit shorter than last weeks, it felt good to see something positive come from the past year of training. I was able to drop my time from last year by a good 8 minutes; I swam the entire race free-style (where as last year I was on my back hyperventilating for most of the race); no one passed me this year on the bike leg; and I got my run pace down to 9:16(where as last year I was at 12:11, mostly because I walked). Overall I am thrilled with having a good race under my belt, and it is exactly what I needed to get my mind back on track. Finally, one goal checked off. Whew.

We had an awesome team showing this year, winning Fastest Team and Most Spirit. We had six of our team place in their age group, and everyone had a personal best. It was a beautiful day and I was reminded again what a great group of women I have to train with. Thanks FitBirds and Sputniks for a great race! Thanks Coach for again getting us all to the finish.

FitBirds know how to race, and how to party after the race. Thanks Kristy and Dr. Liz for taking care of the bar!

Once again, Lizzard came through as the best training partner ever, because she managed to pace me throughout the race. All I had to do was stay with her on the swim, keep her in my sights on the bike, and not let her ditch me on the run. We managed to finish back-to-back. We have become like a well-oiled machine!

I will sleep well tonight from a great day's tiring adventure. I hope to have some direction within the week as to where I will go from here with my training. I wonder what lies ahead????


  1. Go Cougre!! Aahh...what lies ahead, eh?? That's the spirit! Great day today!

  2. Coug, The next time you get into a rough swim you'll have that one to stand on and get you through it. To be able to finish a challenging, disappointing race day is just HUGE. I always learn the most from my hardest races. Hang tough, enjoy that well earned medal at Rocketchix!

  3. Congrats on you good showing! The bad days make the good days so much sweeter!