Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week Nineteen: Git R Dun

"I have a choice. To choose to do it or to choose not to. Saying I will try is allowing me an option for failure. So I choose to do it. It may be ugly, but I will do it. I've worked too hard not to."
 Le Cougre's final decision after contemplating another failed attempt at the OWS

And that's all I have to blog about today.


  1. Coug, you will be like Diego in ICE AGE: The Meltdown. The water will be YOUR prey. Repeat after Diego "I am NOT your prey. I am NOT your prey. I am NOT... YOUR... PREY." And I will be your sloth.

  2. race day adrenaline, sheer determination. You will have both. I have no doubt you will be fine.

  3. Oh, and that picture both cracks me up and horrifies me.