Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday: Packet Pickup Day!

The pre-race excitement has begun! This morning Fitbird Team 70.3 (minus Kristin) headed out around 7:30 to New Orleans. Once we arrived we drove to transition for a quick look to see where the swim entrance and exits were going to be. For once we were not chased off by security.  As you can see, some of our team was a bit enthusiastic about race simulation...

The above picture is of the swim exit leading down into the transition area. To the right is a picture of the swim exit heading out from the beach. The water was not too choppy today, and the forecast is looking positive for Sunday morning. Whew.

This is a picture of part of transition where the bikes will be set up. It is going to look a lot different by tomorrow afternoon.

The girls (Linda, me, Lizzard) testing out the sand. These ladies are my inspiration. I couldn't have found any better training partners.

Do you notice that Anne is always the one barefoot and in the water whenever there is an opportunity to get even a part of your body wet?
Feeling the energy...

From transition we went off to packet pickup and our mandatory race meeting. I was taught the tricks of choosing the right seat by Coach so you can bolt out of the meeting and be first to get your hand stamped so you can get your packet before the masses and not have to wait in line. Another example of why it's important to go to these things with seasoned veterans.

Another trip to the best Chinese food in the city for some "kween u out soup" and sweet and sour chicken!

And the rubbing of the Budda belly for luck. Or fertility. We couldn't remember.

After our meal we relied on Linda to stay awake while we all proceeded to fall asleep to the soothing sounds of her classical music on the drive back to Baton Rouge. Just thinking about it is making me tired. It is 9 p.m. and I am going to bed now. 

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