Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Countdown To New Orleans 70.3: Three days left!

I feel the need to update my blog since the race is in the foreseeable future, my emotions are on a rollercoaster, and so much is happening these last few days! My plan is to pop out a quick blog update for the next few days until I leave for New Orleans. Then I may have to wait and send out my pre-race saga and my post-race saga when I get back. After that, I am not sure what will happen to my blog because the rest of the summer seems kind of a let down in a sense with my "A" race having come first...but I am sure I will think of something...afterall, I still have the Santa Rosa tri to look forward to in the fall and I am sure this "girl's" trip will be one for the memory book. But that will have to wait for now...

SO, this week has been crazy emotionally. I have been all over the range of emotions from weepy to elated. Monday I woke up bummed about another bad swim over the weekend, but by the afternoon I felt confident and determined that I could overcome whatever obstacles were in my way. Tuesday brought tears and a momentary freak-out as I lost confidence again and feared the worst - a DNF in the swim  (yes, that is worse than drowning for me). But after a chat with my coach and my training partner, I started to feel better again and once again my spirits lifted. Today I actually felt fairly "level" and it was nice to not feel emotionally off-kilter. I participated in a little retail therapy which strangely seemed to occupy my mind. Hmmmmm. I may be onto something there...

I have been surprised by friends and family who have called to wish me luck, written heartfelt cards, and sent me tokens of kindness in the mail. For this I am grateful and send out thanks to all of those who have kept me in their thoughts these past training weeks and will be in the upcoming race. I really do feel the love. Thanks guys!

I am eagerly looking forward to our FitBird send-off carbo-loading party tomorrow night, as it seems to be the event to start the fast-track spiral toward the race. Friday brings plans of one last Fitbird Team 70.3 roundtrip drive to New Orleans for an official pre-race meeting and a last opportunity to get into Lake Ponchartrain (and then carbo-load some more). Saturday morning is a fun filled race simulation with the Sputniks, our newbie Rocketchix racers, to help them gear up for their first race next week. Then on for the final trip to New Orleans where I will have to part with my bike, orient Hill to the spectator version of the race and all of my expectations of him (i.e. "don't miss me coming out of the water whatever you do! Get a picture cause it is HUGE for me!"). Hopefully we will organize a group dinner later in the afternoon and then will get on to bed by 8:30 if I can stay with my race plan.

Sunday the race starts at 7 a.m. which means I will be setting up my transition area by 5 a.m.. My wave is scheduled to go off at 7:32 and if all goes well I will finish my race within the eight hour cut-off. If you are interested in keeping track of my progress, go to and there will be a live feed to the New Orleans 70.3 Half Ironman race where you should be able to type my name in and it should tell you where I am in the race. All prayers and positive thoughts are welcome and are highly appreciated!

So that is how things have been this week to date ~ the anticipation grows, the excitement builds, and the heartrate increases when I try to go to sleep. I am trying to "bottle it up" as I've been instructed and put it all into the race. I find however that it's hard to when you are facing down the biggest mental and physical challenge of your life.

I look forward to being able to say I completed a Half-Ironman.

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  1. Hope you have a GREAT race! Somehow I know that, this weekend, you'll successfully harness all that crazy energy (the energy behind your emotional ups and downs) into the speed, strength, and clarity of focus you need!