Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rockin' Rocket Weekend!

"Fastest Team" Winner ~ Fitbird Fitness

It was a Rocket Racing bonanza this weekend with our Fit Chix racing and pulling in a "Fastest Team" win, and our little peeps racing just for fun in Rocketkidz on Sunday. There is something special about the Rocketchix races and the camaraderie that happens between female racers of all different ages, sizes, backgrounds, and abilities. It is what attracted me to the sport of triathlon in the first place. It is such a motivating and inspiring race and it is so fun to see athletes compete for the first time and get excited about the possibilities it brings.

I am SO proud of my Fitbird team! Not only did we manage to hold our Fastest Team title, but we had a Top Three Finisher (Linda "Freebird" Adams), a Third Place Finisher (McCall "Dazzle" Dempsey) in a very tough age group, and a lot of personal bests in all or part of the race. More importantly we had a blast. This time we organized, got tents, drinks, snacks for the kids, shirts, ice bath (shout out to Lizzard). We had iced washcloths (my personal favorite), massage mats and paraphernalia, frozen fruit bars, and cold beer. How are we going to top this in Santa Rosa girls? A massage therapist?

Susan was back in commission after a long break with a broken clavicle and returned a mentally tough athlete. Way to go Susan! Emily "Here" was in her first race as a true "Fitbird" ~ Welcome! We had "Martha" and some other new faces join us as well. The numbers are growing!

Our Fit Krewe was in attendance and got everyone talking about our shirts! The heat was miserable but the company made it bearable.

As far as my race report... I had a great time. I was very late getting into the race for a multitude of reasons (and no Anne, fear was not one of them). Once in, although I have been out of consistent training for a while, I was excited about being in the race. I hoped to beat my time from the last race, but knew the heat would be tough on me, as well as my lack of "proper" training.

The thing I loved the most about this race was the difference I felt mentally. I no longer have fear or anxiety before a Rocketchix race, just healthy nerves. This was the first time I walked in and looked at the pool and thought "Wow. I don't remember it looking that small." Seriously. You have no idea what an improvement that is. Well, if you are a regular blog reader, then you do, but anyway...

Line dancing: Coug, Lizzard, Freebird, Grasshopper
I found that in this race almost all of the Fitbirds seeded themselves near the front, between 6 minutes and 8. We were all near each other and I thought back to last year when we all hovered (against our coach's desires) near the back tens. Well some of us did anyway. As usual I wanted to ride Lizzard's wake as she is good at keeping me from shooting off that first wall too fast and then puttering out by lane three. Usually I ride her wake all the way in, but I kept telling myself what my coach always says..."you are NOT the same speed" (even though I still really think we are). So by lane three I felt I could go for the pass and I took it. There was a half a lane or so that we swam side by side and I honestly was smiling in the pool because I felt like we were in training workout mode and it was comforting to have her near me, even though I was about to pass her (grin). I surprised myself that she let me keep my lead throughout the swim, and I actually came out with a personal best of sub eight minutes in the pool. I was stoked!
Buh bye Lizzard...

Limited H2O consumption this race.
I ran across the mat and out the door and for the first time didn't think I was going to puke on the way to transition. Wow. I am really making progress now. Still had to sit to get my bike shoes on, catch a breath, and yes ~ I did remember to take a puff on my inhaler. I am on a roll!

Safely mounted on my bike and off down the road. I have forgotten about Lizzard by now (sorry Liz) and am focused on passing people. They were my rabbits and I took them out one at a time. Only one got me, but the rest were mine. It wasn't until the turn around that I realized Lizzard was on my tail. I felt the wind and didn't think I was getting the speed I needed to break my personal best from the last Rocketchix race even though I knew my swim was better. I kept pushing every time I would here Lizzard yell out, "Don't you let me get in your zone! You KNOW what happens when I get in your ZONE!" It was hard to laugh and breathe hard at the same time, but somehow I managed. I also managed to look over my shoulder every so often to make sure she wasn't cutting the distance.

I couldn't believe I held Lizzard off in the bike. I NEVER get her in the bike (in a race anyway). So off to T2, change the shoes, grab the hat, struggle with the gum, and ponder the inhaler. No, I'm good. I took a pre-race hit, a T1 hit, and it's only 2 miles. I'm good. I run out and skip the first aid station. I feel good and strong but my heart rate is fast.
Feeling good!

I see Kevin taking pictures, pass him, and hear him yell to Lizzard that she's not far behind me. I try to just keep my pace but I start to struggle with the heat and still can't get my heart-rate to calm. I tell myself the discomfort will pass, just stick with it and slow down but don't stop moving. A few minutes later I slow to a fast walk. Just calm the heart-rate. Shit. Here comes Lizzard. Ok, can't let her pass me. I run with her. Pretend we are training. She's not talking and her heavy breathing is making me realize how labored mine is becoming. I see Kristen and know that she is taped down with like 3 inhalers so I bum a puff off of her. I know she is probably really annoyed with me because we just had the inhaler preparation talk yesterday.  Liz passes me during the puff. And then I walk. Then run. Then walk. Shit. Really? I can get her. C'mon Liz you know you're tired! Walk!! She never does. I manage to keep a respectable distance, but my broken run can't pull her back into my sites. I finish two minutes slower than my last race, but am still happy considering the heat, my training, and my swim. And oh so proud of my Lizzard for being the turtle and coming out in the end. You rock my friend!
The Turtle takes the Race


Okay, let me just say I am such a PROUD MAMA right now. No, my kids did not place. Yes, they struggled and it was my fault for letting them race without adequate training. Enough cannot be said for putting your kids in year round swim school if they want to do races that involve swimming... as their competition actually knows how to swim. Having said that, they still had a blast. And more importantly they did not quit when it got hard. Something their mom is very very proud of. They all finished with smiles on their faces and were content in knowing that they got a medal and a sno-cone at the end. It was a good reminder for me of what these races are all about. When I get angry and depressed over a bad swim I have to remember that it's all about the sno-cone. I think that's going to be my new mantra. Seriously.

Ash, setting up transition.

Justin on the swim
The Pearson Tri-Trio
Chase, Justin, Ashlen

Go Chase! Go! Baby steps to the end!
Ashlen you can DO IT! She didn't quit and kept smiling!
On to T1, last Apollo out of the water. 
"Excuse me sir, could you help me find where I parked my bike?"
Way to hustle out of transition! Still smiling!
Ashlen out, Justin coming in from biking!
"This is AWESOME!" Oh, tri-baby. You make Mama so happy!
And there goes our solo rider, off into the wilderness alone.
Chase coming into T2! I'm thinking he's liking this!
Yep, all smiles!
Justin, 1st Pearson to cross the line! Way to Go!
And here comes Chase running at full steam!
And the last Apollo returns from her bike ride...
She's got her game face on...
Back to transition. Ready for the run. Hello? Is there anyone here to help me?
Thanks Aunty Em for running me in! Where's my sno-cone??
Run it in girl! Looking good!
Ashlen Pearson you are a RocketKid!
Such a proud Daddy!
Chase showing off his "bling"!
I told you people it was all about the free drinks.


  1. You got me all teary-eyed imagining your pride in your babies! It started with the picture of Ashlen riding off by herself - she is so brave! Your kiddos have your bravado, Miz Pearson...and yes, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SNO-CONE.

  2. An awesome and inspiring race report as ever! I am honored and proud to been bested by you on the swim AND the bike. Now, if only you will bring your INHALER on the run, I will not only eat your bubbles, I'll be eating your dust! Bottom line - watch out Dazzle! You're next on the Coug's list of prey! Geaux Coug!