Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week Eight: Worth the Effort...

Stealth Ninja
Finally. Another difficult week done and another recovery week to look forward to! This week has been hard, but so encouraging and exciting! I've ridden my bike through a potential "tornado", had the best 30 minute run test of my life, suffered through some pool workouts that almost killed me... but in the end made me stronger, and ended the week with a brick workout that incorporated a bit of everything. My saddle debate continues as I can hardly sit down now without wincing. My bike trainer is in the mail. My attitude is good and I am ready for a 7 day breather.

Challenges of the Week:
  • Keeping focused on the task at hand and not looking too far ahead. One workout at a time, one day at a time. Don't worry about tomorrow until tomorrow.
  • Repetition, repetition, repetition. A doctor I used to work with always said that repetition was the best way to learn. I think she was right. After having just completed several 4000yd workouts of swim technique, drills, and speed work ~ I learned. I learned that although it was really hard, it was worth the effort. I see huge improvements in my performance.
  • A brick workout of a 40 minute swim, a 90 minute bike, and a 45 minute run. Challenge =  Happiness when it is all over.
Protein and Probiotics. Recovery drink. NOLA finish line 2011 prep.

Lessons Learned:
  • Believing in yourself makes all the difference in the world. When others believe in you too, it just intensifies the feeling. Having your efforts recognized is just icing on the cake.
  • Riding a bicycle in gale force winds is hard to do, but hunkering down by a tree in a severe thunderstorm is just stupid... but pretty fun when you are with a good friend!

Epic Ride: Canada and Coug
  • Pain can be overcome if you ignore it. Sometimes it likes to reappear or move to other places, but it can be overcome.
  • I am getting pretty good at blowing snot rockets. 75% of the time now I miss my own shirt. I don't know if the percentage is that good for the person riding behind me...
Coug and Grace. Thanks Buddy!
  • There is nothing better after a really hard workout than sharing a TCBY peanut butter shake with a friend.
    Planned Time: 16:14:30 
    Actual Time: 16:05:45 and still GREEN!


    1. HOORAY huge training week over, REST, REST, FAMILY, FAMILY, FAMILY!!

    2. Ok so Anne is a "good friend" while I am just a "friend." Ouch.

    3. Grace, I specifically called you a "buddy". That is WAY better than just friend. Or good friend. Shhhh don't tell Anne.

    4. Eh-um...Excuse moi...but I'm not even on the blog you biotches!

      Congrats on the greeeeeeeen...glad to see you're not slacking when I'm gone!! Count me in on a TCBY date soon!!

    5. You are truly a "grown a$% woman who can make her own decisions" and we fight over you just the same. Must be good to be a Coug!