Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week Seven: Brrrrrrrrr

If you follow my posts regularly and wonder why I didn't post up last Sunday at the end of Week Seven it would be because, well, I was exhausted. So much so that even now I am trying to think back on that week to remember if there were any breakthroughs or moments that were worth documenting. In fact, I had to review my Training Peaks logs to see exactly what happened last week, and yes there were a few breakthroughs.

Week Seven's Challenges:
  • Freezing cold temperatures shut down Master's outdoor swimming for the week... which initially shut me down. Faced again with having to self-motivate ~ I struggled. Luckily I had a swift kick in the butt from my Coach and managed to go and get the workouts done. They weren't as fast or as intense as they would have been if there had been a stern disciplinarian on the pool deck, but they got done. Check. The cold also prevented me from riding outdoors and forced me onto a stationary bike. Although it was nice to watch TV and ride, I miss being on my bike. I immediately decided that now was the time to get the bike trainer. I am anxiously awaiting its arrival.

  • Testing: I had a 1.5 mile run test on my schedule. I was very pleased with my time as I ran it keeping a 10 minute pace, which was much improved from my last test. Considering I had to run it twice because I had issues with my Garmin half-way through my first attempt, I was pleased that I'd "cowboy'd up" and got r dun.
  • Race: I decided to throw in a little trail run on Saturday in place of my long asphalt run that was scheduled. Although I had companionship at the race, I ran it alone and it felt good to be out on the trails again. I had my best run in a race yet and held a 10:02 pace for close to 5 miles. I am feeling good about my running these days!
  • Setting a Time Goal for the Swim: I was surprised by how much this task threw me. Initially I did not want to set any goals for my race, especially my swim. My goal was to finish happy... er, or officially. But after many hours of deliberation and debates with my coach about the need for a goal, especially for developing a training plan, I acquiesced. And looking back at this a week later, I am glad I did. I need to embrace the goal-setting process and challenge myself to do more than just "finish officially." I am capable of blowing it out this year, and I'm going to. And I hope to meet some challenging, but realistic goals in the process. Booyah.
    • Hood To Coast: Mentally trying to prepare for the Rouge Orleans race. Our team of six went to dinner and the premier of the H2C movie to get inspired. Although that race looks like a blast, it kind of scares the hell out of me. But on a brighter note, we picked out our team shirts for RO! Don't have to worry about getting hit by a semi in these! Of course, I hope there won't be any semi's driving on the levee...
    Lesson Learned:

    • I am a triathlete, I no longer am someone who just "does" triathlons. It may seem like silly semantics, but it was an earth shattering revelation to me. Incorporating that into my identity has increased my confidence tremendously.

    Planned: 14:41
    Actual: 14:07... and STILL GREEN!


    1. I said this once before "beware of women in matching shirts", I believe that was at Rocketchix and look what that got me into!!

    2. Rough week = key week. Green shirt also honors green schedule! Way to go Coug!!

    3. "Beware of women in matching shirts..." What an keen observation M.E.! When women come together to support and encourage one another, there is REAL power. So dear readers of Coug's Tri2Understand blog, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Beside support and encouragement, you may just get some new fashion to boot! :)