Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Sum of All Things = Disconnected

Every so often I have to stop, reassess, and refocus my life. I am an individual who has many dreams and passions. I want to fill my life with "moments" that will make me smile when I reflect on them in the years to come. I want to fill my life with positive people who share my sense of adventure and who can share the journey of life with me. People I can laugh with and step out of my box with. People who aren't afraid to try new things and push their limits.

It's cliche I know, but life is short. Carpe Diem. With this in mind I am spreading my wings to venture into a new territory - off road triathlon. By no means have I maxed out my passion for triathlon. There is still much uncharted territory to discover. I still have goals and bucket list items that have not been obtained. At some point there will be an attempt at a full Ironman, but for now the time is not right. I need a break from the roads and the asphalt.

These past few months have shaken my soul and I need to find some peace with my life. I feel disconnected from everything and everyone. Disconnected to the point of struggling to get through my day, my relationships, my career. I am desperate for focus, for enlightenment, for peace. The one place I seem to find that is off-road. Although I am new to trail running and still consider myself a novice mountain biker, the one thing I have learned is that I thrive in nature. Whether it is the calm I acquire at the beach, or the positive energy that soothes my anxieties when I'm in the woods, it is something I can count on. It's the only thing I can count on right now, as everything else feels unstable, unsure, and undependable.

I have much to learn about off-road racing and training, but have some good mentors out there that I hope to pull as much advice from as I can. My first obstacle is going to be finding some reliable and consistent training partners that can handle a newbie. Off-road is one place that solo training is not the best idea.

First event - Port Hudson 5 Mile Trail run next weekend. I have no expectations as I have not been running, and especially have not been trail running lately. My goals are completion with as much running as possible, to enjoy the experience and to gauge whether an attempt at a Half- Marathon Trail run in December is doable.

I hope my desire for new adventure motivates some of my followers to get out there and try something new!

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