Sunday, October 16, 2011

Woman Versus Wild

Right now I am so sore it hurts to type, but I am energized and eager to get back out to the trails and explore! Yesterday I ran the Battlefield 5 Miler at the Port Hudson Civil War Site and then followed it with a mountain bike ride at Comite. The weather was perfect and it was just what I needed to jump start my off-road off-season adventures.

I had not set any expectations for the run considering the last time I ran was the three miles at the Santa Rosa Tri at the beginning of the month, and before that, well...

I put myself in the back of the pack of the second wave and for the most part stayed in the back of the pack. I wasn't dead last but I was close. I finished in around 49 minutes but learned that the course was marked short so that explained why the pace seemed a bit unrealistic for me right now. It was a beautiful run and quite a nice change from seeing cars, roads, and houses. I ran across wooden bridges, up and down dirt hills, and across the green grass of a battlefield. I broke all previous training run rules and listened to music the entire time. And when it was over, I was greeted with a cold beer, live music, and hot food. I came in third in my age group and finished 7/13 for the series (I'd forgotten I had already done one trail run earlier in the year - when I actually was training).

I had been tossing around the idea of doing the Thunderbird Half-Marathon Trail run in December, but was undecided as to whether I could manage that distance over hard off-road terrain by then. My hesitance was put to the test after the race when I found I had won a nice headlamp and free entry into both the Moonlight 6K (the night before the half marathon) and the Thunderbird Half as a door prize. I'm taking that as a sign that I am to do both and will now have to get my self moving so I can complete them.

The Comite trails were challenging and I wasn't sure if after having done the trail run my legs would hold up, but I found that once I began to ride I forgot about the soreness and just enjoyed the experience of the ride. Koko had agreed to ride with me and it worked out well and we were able to push each other to attempt some of the more technical challenges and in doing so improve our skills. For a while I felt like I was adventure racing, just without the canoe portion. It was nice. I really missed those races this season.

I am trying to work out a plan that can include my off-road runs and rides and allow me to train with the few people I know who can tolerate my level of skill. If push comes to shove I am just going to be creative about where I train so I can go solo if need be.

I'm pleased that I can hardly walk, sit, or squat right now. It's okay today that my jeans don't fit and most of my clothes are too small. I know I'm on the right track to getting back to me. It feels good to feel again, and not be so numb to everything. I have hope today that things are getting better.

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