Sunday, January 31, 2010


Just wanted to say Pool-A-Pa-Looza went well! Thanks to everyone for either swimming, texting, or emailing your support - and to Kristen for keeping time for us and counting our laps! It was a heated race with Linda, of course, taking first by about 3 minutes ahead of the Lizzard and myself. Lizzard managed to win a silver medal, with a dramatic pull it out her a-- finish after having swim cap malfunctions half way through the swim. Much to my dismay she was able to stop, fix her cap, rejoin - and then pass me towards the last bit of the swim. Even with my brutal defeat I was pleased with my approximately 43:01 finish. Better than my last timed attempt, and more importantly no freak outs. Feeling good!

After our swim we lost Kristen to her hot date, but picked up Amanda in exchange. We celebrated our testing with a cold one, mexican food, and some trash-talking about our coach and training (just kidding Anne!) Cheers to all our great FitBirds! Couldn't have done it without you! Ok, maybe we could have but it sure wouldn't have been as much fun!


On a final note, the brutal beatdown by Lizzard continued as she narrowly escaped being passed in our bike time trial today. You may have held on this time Lizzard, but watch out! I got you dialed in!!


  1. Age and treachery defeats youth and beauty again...muuuaaaahhhhhhh MUUUUAAAHHHH!

  2. Hey Coug! The aged one is recovering from that little run in with a dog. NOW is your chance to bring it, train harder and be faster. You can do this!

  3. you know i so wanted to swim with you guys...but counting and timing was fun, too! and i love how my date made it into your blog!!! you girls are never going to let me live it down.