Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week Eight and Nine: Bring on the Flubber!

Things are improving, I just know it! My run tallied up another 36 miles over the course of these last 2 weeks. Feeling strong and feeling fast(er)! I think this heart rate training is really paying off, as I have seen a HUGE improvement in my pace and endurance since I began training. I have been able to keep my rate under control even when including Fartleks in my runs. It is pretty amazing considering my heart rate was all over the place when I started.

As far as biking, I have been gradually building my time in the saddle and the callousing of the crotch has begun. I'd forgotten how tiring those long endurance rides can be, and I am still only at 35 miles or so in distance. I find I have to talk myself up at the end of a ride when I start to think "now add 20 more miles on the bike, and go run a half-marathon". I'm not quite there yet, but I am feeling and seeing a vast improvement in each's the putting them all together that's gonna be tough.

The swim is settling down a bit. My new mantras (this weeks: "Just Breath" {for all you Fitbirds out there} and "Sleep" {helps me relax}), seem to be occupying my mind, and a fast paced, high variety workout seems to be keeping me from obsessing about breathing (or not breathing). I found a book in my cabinet at work from my old psych days titled "The Phobia and Anxiety Workbook". I may need to pull it out and see if there is any magical advice in it.

I am scheduled to re-test my 2100 yd timed swim tomorrow. I am trying to think positively and relax. I am hoping someone is able to time and count for me to relieve me of that stressor. I learned today that someone has invented a ring that you can touch on the pool wall to count your laps. I am so getting one of those. Sorry Coach,... it's happening. 

The big news for the week is... the WETSUIT arrived! It came all wrapped up like a wedding dress. I unfolded it gingerly, and looked at what appeared to be a piece of rubber half my body size. I was coached on how to donn it, with specific instructions to be careful of the seams, zipper, and my fingernails. My coach failed to mention not to put my leg into the arm sleeve however. That little bit of information might have made application easier. Ten minutes later I had the suit on and was ready to "tri" it out. Unfortunately there was no open water nearby, so after wearing it around for 15 minutes or so, the heatstroke I was succumbing too coerced me into taking it off. Off is easier, but still not graceful. I think this is going to take practice. Transition times are going to require speed, and speedy I was not. I was ASSURED that this was going to make me float, and make my open water experiences more pleasant. I am holding a particular someone accountable to that idea. On a side note, if you want to read a really funny story related to wetsuits read "I tested positive for neoprene, but my wetsuit doesn't think I suck".

Anxiously looking forward to swim testing tomorrow, but quite nervous. It has turned into a pool party of sorts with cheerleaders and plans for drinks afterwards (or during for some). Love to all my Fitbirds who are turning out to swim, time, count laps, or cheer! I'll try to do you proud!


  1. Janie, you inspire me and I love your blog. Looking forward to the 2100 swim, the cheerleaders and the margharitas. Liz

  2. Thanks for sharing your blog with us, Janie! So excited to hear your inner thoughts on this whole training thing. Can't wait to count some laps for you tomorrow! :)

  3. Go, Coug Go! If Flipper can do flip turns so can you!!

    Can't wait to crash the pool party tomorrow... Looking forward to sharing the lanes again ;)

    Love ya!

  4. Love the wet suit picture. Is that really you under there? Have fun this afternoon!

  5. So, did you order the lap counter or not!!?? Wish I could have come yesterday to count laps - but was thinking of you all. Thanks for sharing your blog and thoughts. Such a challenge and you are DOING IT!! a Coug with the heart of a lion, or is it flipper??