Sunday, January 3, 2010

Training Weeks 4 and 5: OMG I Can't Breathe

Okay, let's just sum up the last two weeks of training with one word...bronchitis. It has been the most frustrating two weeks I've had in a long time. My performance has taken a downward spiral and I feel like I'm back at the beginning. As Week 4 went by and my bronchitis worsened, I got flustered by hearing myself wheezing while I was underwater.
Having trouble breathing does not a happy camper make with someone who has "water issues". So then I'd have to fight off an asthma/panic attack after swimming only 100 yds because I couldn't regain my breathing. Finally out of the pool, I topped off the day's swim with maybe a 15 minute slow bike ride on River Road where all I could do was grab my chest to quench the cramps every time I'd cough. And if that wasn't enough to end my day, then I did a ZMPHR (see abbreviation blog) when I had to pull over to wait on the other riders in my group (not because I was ahead of them mind you, but because I had to ride in the other direction since I was dying for air and couldn't keep up). I pulled over to wait because I was DONE even though they hadn't yet met up with me going the opposite direction. After that horrible training day I was allowed to go on sick leave for a few days to get myself better. The cough got better, the energy level did not. I have had an awful two weeks and am now feeling the repercussions as I am getting myself back into training. Today is the first day I have felt decent and the lungs feel like they are at 80%. So now I am 2 weeks behind on a training schedule that is not going to wait for me to catch up. It is a little overwhelming. I pray I haven't completely lost my run that I worked so hard to build. I am amazed at how quickly you can lose your conditioning. Refocusing on a new and better week...

Total Training Scheduled: 23 hours

Total Completed: 8.5 hours

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