Monday, December 27, 2010

Week Four: Ahhhhhhh, Recovery Week...

Finally I have reached the first plateau! One month down, and green is still the color of compliance! This week's workload was cut in half and truly felt like a vacation compared to the last three weeks. I was even able to move some workouts around without feeling like I was competing with myself to fit them all in. It was the best Christmas present ever!

Challenge of the Week:
  • To continue rising early enough in the morning to get it done before work, and not procrastinate and convince myself I could exercise later since I had more freedom in my schedule.
Lessons Learned this Week:
  • The more I stick to my program on the hard weeks, the more enjoyable the recovery weeks are.
  • Weight training seems to be helping my balance as well as my core. I suddenly feel more stable when challenged with one legged balancing acts (which in my circus routine I do frequently).
  • I can't skip breakfast. I should know this one by now. I CAN'T SKIP BREAKFAST! I wish I could learn this one. Maybe this should be in my Lessons I Should Have Learned list.
So, the week is done, but I am pleased to say I did recover...

Planned: 6:10
Actual: 6:30

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    1. Way to geaux Janie! I admire your compliance and green certainly looks good on you.