Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week Two: On a Roll!!

I have just completed Week 2 of 20 weeks of training. Wow. I was really proud of myself until I just typed that and realized I have 18 more to go. Maybe I should hold my enthusiasm a little longer. I was going to say that I was pretty proud of myself for completing a second week of training as written. But now it just doesn't seem that impressive. Oh well. I'll keep nipping away at the mountain ahead of me. Maybe if I face it one week at a time I will be able to look back in a few months and feel I've accomplished something. Wow. I didn't know I could let the air out of my own sail.

So, this week's summary:

I seem to be continuing on the build portion of training as my time investment is rising. Lots of running is still in my plan and I suppose that is mostly due to Rouge Orleans creeping nearer and nearer. I am getting more comfortable with long swims in the pool, and have even adjusted somewhat to swimming outside in the cold. I know that my hours in the pool are just going to get longer and longer but I'm trying not to think too far ahead as it could easily bring me down. I am missing my road bike as all my training this week has been on the stationary bikes at the fitness center. I hate not moving when I ride. I miss my training group and Fitbird rides. Something about "gusts of 40 mph" kept me from riding outside and I had to settle for the spin bike. Luckily I had a good training partner who tried her best to entertain me with songs from Glee and unusual Christmas tunes. It was interesting, to say the least...

Lessons Learned for the week:

1) I am capable of training solo when it is required, although it is not my first choice. Stray dogs can be nice to run with when I am desperate for companionship.

2) There is something disturbingly nice about freezing in cold air and then diving into a heated pool to swim...except when the lifeguard calls you out in front of everyone for diving into the pool.

3) I like the way it makes me feel when I enter my daily logs into Training Peaks and the blocks turn green.

4) I am somewhat relieved that the three days of utter and complete exhaustion I felt mid-week was not 100% due to deconditioning. I can account some of it to a wayward stomach virus that seemed to be floating around the hood. This makes me feel hopeful about facing future weeks of true utter and complete exhaustion.

5) I am learning much about what some call "runner's trots". I shall say no more (except thank you EBR Parish Library for your location).

6) I am learning a lot about proper nutrition this time around. I am far from mastering it, but I like when I know what works and what doesn't for me before and after a workout.

7)I am visualizing success. Whenever I am running, biking, or swimming all I let myself think about is that damn race and how I am going to destroy every obstacle it presents to me. I picture every aid station, landmark, and competitor along the way and watch myself go flying by and think about how good it's going to feel. I think about my Coach at the finish line handing me the peanut butter shake I should have earned last year.

Planned Time: 11:00
Actual Time: 11:27:33


  1. I love that I never realized if you enter something in TP that it turns green. Mine has always been red. Just thought that was the color :)
    Good job chic! Just think of it by're 1/2 way through December!

  2. You can adjust the settings so I you complete it as planned it will turn green!