Sunday, August 29, 2010

No Spills on the Hills, but a Slight Quiver on the River


It's been quite a while since the Fitbird's hit the road for group training away from Baton Rouge, with the exception of Training Camp of course. This weekend we gathered on Saturday to ride the Starhill Loop in St. Francisville. It's a good 26 mile ride through some stunning scenery and fairly challenging hills. I'd forgotten how ridiculously beautiful it is compared to riding on River Road, and even though St. Francisville still has its share of crazy drivers, overall it is a much more "experiential" ride to partake in.  It was also a good chance for strength building, working on keeping a high cadence and pushing fast and hard up those hills.

We had nine Fitbird's make the ride, with no major catastrophes and only a few near misses. They say bad things happen in threes, and for this ride that seemed to hold true. I unfortunately was responsible for the first near miss within the first few miles of the ride when my jug of Gatorade bounced out of my water bottle cage into the line of bikes behind me. Luckily, Shell's managed to avoid the erratic rolling of the bottle, instead choosing to swerve towards an oncoming car. Her cat-like reactions pulled her back, out of the way of danger, and I learned my lesson: next time I forget my water bottle just go without one instead of risking the lives of my teammates by trying to force a Gatorade bottle into a cage it's not designed for and then riding the bumpy roads of Louisiana. Bummer though as it was my favorite flavor of a newly purchased Gatorade and I never even got a chance to open it. Hope you enjoy it raccoons.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hashing - An Experience Like No Other...

This has been the most difficult post to write since I started blogging. Just coming up with the words to describe what I experienced yesterday is only a part of my challenge. Fear of repercussion from some of the "Hashers" I met is another issue. I am not sure how much of a rule "What happens at (Hashing) stays at (Hashing)" is. From what I experienced, I kind of hope that is a rule. I will however attempt to describe my experience and hope that by keeping names and places vague I won't get Down-Downed if I ever go back. I would say that I would give fictitious names to protect people's privacy, but they already do that. And the names, well... I will describe those later. On the other hand, even with it having been such a bizarre experience, it kind of had a strange draw on me, and I think I want to give it another go sometime. I was reminded of my recent team's mantra ~ Life Begins When You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone. Oh. I was way outside my comfort zone for this adventure.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Like Moths To A Flame...

Like Moths To A Flame...
Fitbird Fitness Spring Training Camp 2K10

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Hi. My name is Katie, and I have a story to tell you. I have received an honor that to date no one else has received. I am what they call an honorary "Fitbird". You may not understand what this means now, but hopefully by the end of my story, you will grasp the magnitude of this title. With this title comes special privileges and insider knowledge of the intricate mind of the Grand Master of Ceremonies. I am inside the Circle of Trust and my "first string" status allows me insight that others are not privy to. My story of the inaugural Fitbird Fitness Training Camp is unique because I was able to observe it without judgment, to comment on it without fear, and to participate in it fully, but without repercussions. So hear me as I tell you the tale of Training Camp Santa Rosa 2K10...

Hi. My name is Coug, and I’m going to tell you how things really went down at Sufferfest 2K10. I am what you call a “second string” player. I fill in for support when “first string” isn’t available. Unfortunately this position does not have the same perks as the primary one. I occasionally get glimpses behind the curtain, quick views of the methods to the madness, but I am pretty much as in the dark as you are. I, unlike “Honorary Fitbird”, have to be very wary of repercussions from making public comments. I have created turmoil in the past for the team by opening my mouth and inserting my foot. My innocent comments have led to me being told to get my "panties out of a wad" and has brought me harsh criticism.  I will, for this post however, face my fear and tell you how things really went at camp.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Training Camp Here We Come!

Ahhhhh. I can just see it now. Fire-fly cocktails with little umbrellas bobbing up and down, as we sit with our feet buried in the sand while we watch the sunset melt into the ocean. Good friends, lots of laughs, and a nice girl's trip away at the beach.


Let's be real. This is the first of many Fitbird Training Camps in my future. Although I can fool myself into thinking it will be relaxing and filled with never-ending bottles of wine, I know better. This is going to be a long weekend of running, cycling, and open water swimming. I've seen some of the "toys" that Coach Canada has in store for us to "play" with. I've even heard rumors of a noodle being tied to my leg so I won't float away and drown while everyone else is training. I've seen the itinerary. Train, eat, train, eat, collapse, train. I've been told to pack every piece of gear I have, but to leave my shampoo at home. Why then am I so excited??

I have decided it is because I have learned to love suffering! Just when I think I have mastered it, Coach Canada brings me to a whole new level of it! I love to be pushed past my limits. I love to try things that are new and different. I love the adventure and the surprise of not knowing what is coming next! It's a sickness I believe, but I embrace it!

So this week I embark on a new journey with my Fitbird team. Our first training camp in preparation for the Santa Rosa Triathlon in October. 

Roadtrip begins Thursday... full story to follow.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rockin' Rocket Weekend!

"Fastest Team" Winner ~ Fitbird Fitness

It was a Rocket Racing bonanza this weekend with our Fit Chix racing and pulling in a "Fastest Team" win, and our little peeps racing just for fun in Rocketkidz on Sunday. There is something special about the Rocketchix races and the camaraderie that happens between female racers of all different ages, sizes, backgrounds, and abilities. It is what attracted me to the sport of triathlon in the first place. It is such a motivating and inspiring race and it is so fun to see athletes compete for the first time and get excited about the possibilities it brings.

I am SO proud of my Fitbird team! Not only did we manage to hold our Fastest Team title, but we had a Top Three Finisher (Linda "Freebird" Adams), a Third Place Finisher (McCall "Dazzle" Dempsey) in a very tough age group, and a lot of personal bests in all or part of the race. More importantly we had a blast. This time we organized, got tents, drinks, snacks for the kids, shirts, ice bath (shout out to Lizzard). We had iced washcloths (my personal favorite), massage mats and paraphernalia, frozen fruit bars, and cold beer. How are we going to top this in Santa Rosa girls? A massage therapist?

Susan was back in commission after a long break with a broken clavicle and returned a mentally tough athlete. Way to go Susan! Emily "Here" was in her first race as a true "Fitbird" ~ Welcome! We had "Martha" and some other new faces join us as well. The numbers are growing!