Sunday, January 31, 2010


Just wanted to say Pool-A-Pa-Looza went well! Thanks to everyone for either swimming, texting, or emailing your support - and to Kristen for keeping time for us and counting our laps! It was a heated race with Linda, of course, taking first by about 3 minutes ahead of the Lizzard and myself. Lizzard managed to win a silver medal, with a dramatic pull it out her a-- finish after having swim cap malfunctions half way through the swim. Much to my dismay she was able to stop, fix her cap, rejoin - and then pass me towards the last bit of the swim. Even with my brutal defeat I was pleased with my approximately 43:01 finish. Better than my last timed attempt, and more importantly no freak outs. Feeling good!

After our swim we lost Kristen to her hot date, but picked up Amanda in exchange. We celebrated our testing with a cold one, mexican food, and some trash-talking about our coach and training (just kidding Anne!) Cheers to all our great FitBirds! Couldn't have done it without you! Ok, maybe we could have but it sure wouldn't have been as much fun!


On a final note, the brutal beatdown by Lizzard continued as she narrowly escaped being passed in our bike time trial today. You may have held on this time Lizzard, but watch out! I got you dialed in!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where Have You Been All My Life???

The Chrono 100 is our top of the line model. It is the best choice for coaches, serious athletes, and racers who need to record multiple lap times. Great for marathon runners, triathletes, and for those who want to monitor races or workouts lap by lap. It also has a PAUSE feature, so you can interrupt your workout without throwing off your timing statistics.
  • Recall up to 100 individual lap times
  • Recall fastest, slowest, average, and total lap times
  • Display split times and lap numbers
  • Total number of laps completed & total lap time
  • Water resistant to 50 meters
Coach! Why have you been holding out on me??? The answer has been here all along! I don't have to count! This agony has been avoidable all along! Well no more....!!!!

Edit: I have been told that I do not need this device because they are "stupid" and will allow my mind to "wander".  Quote: "How can you strategize a race or timed swim if you don't know what freaking lap you are on?" There was more, but you get the general idea... 

I believe that I will be reverting back to the old antiquated form of "mental" lap counting (as I suppose moving my water bottle from brick to brick is "stupid" too). Sigh.

Week Eight and Nine: Bring on the Flubber!

Things are improving, I just know it! My run tallied up another 36 miles over the course of these last 2 weeks. Feeling strong and feeling fast(er)! I think this heart rate training is really paying off, as I have seen a HUGE improvement in my pace and endurance since I began training. I have been able to keep my rate under control even when including Fartleks in my runs. It is pretty amazing considering my heart rate was all over the place when I started.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week Seven: Highs and Lows

Week Seven had me experiencing demoralizing swims and invigorating runs. It was an oxymoron training week. I completely bottomed out and melted down with a simple swim in a beautiful outdoor heated pool on a crisp sunny day. Suddenly I was unable to swim more than two laps without...I don't even know how to explain it... losing it. It was embarrassing, ridiculous, illogical, and oh so real. Triggered by a change in setting, temperature, comfort zone (?) - I suddenly couldn't swim. It was so frustrating to be in a situation where I was paralyzed by the fear of something I couldn't even put a finger on. And so demoralizing to be this far into training where I am supposed to be getting stronger, faster, better every week. And then I can't even cross the length of the pool without panic overtaking me.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week Six: Rebuilding the "Build"

This week's summary is going to be rather short because I am exhausted, but so glad to be back on track! I was actually able to complete my scheduled training this week with only a few "hiccups" ~ as (1) my heart rate monitor is on the fritz and (2) I don't seem to know how to count (laps in the pool or on the track) anymore. But knowing I am working on these issues, I am satisfied in my efforts and pleased that I survived my long run and timed swim this week.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Training Weeks 4 and 5: OMG I Can't Breathe

Okay, let's just sum up the last two weeks of training with one word...bronchitis. It has been the most frustrating two weeks I've had in a long time. My performance has taken a downward spiral and I feel like I'm back at the beginning. As Week 4 went by and my bronchitis worsened, I got flustered by hearing myself wheezing while I was underwater.